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What is Financial Planning?


Financial planning is the process of formulating, implementing and monitoring financial decisions into an integrated plan that guides an individual or a family to achieve their financial goals.


The mission of Grande Planning is to educate our clients, gather relevant information, analyze that information and assist them in preparing and implementing a financial plan that will achieve their financial goals within a desired time frame. Our services are always provided in a confidential manner because our mission is to serve as your trusted advisor.

What is the Process?


The process of financial planning includes several important steps, but is not limited to:


  1. Understanding the clients personal and financial circumstances


  2. Identifying and selecting goals


  3. Analyze the client's current course of action and potential alternative courses of action


  4. Developing financial plan recommendations


  5. Presenting the financial planning recommendations


  6. Implementing the financial plan recommendations

  7. Monitoring the plan


Who We Serve


 We are available to serve any individual, group or small business seeking to improve their financial position.


What kind of assistance do we provide?

Grande Planning offers a broad range of services and the assistance that we provide depends upon your needs. The scope of work generally, but certainly not limited to, includes a review of the following:

Retirement Planning

Federal Retirement Systems

Personal Financial Portfolios 

Life Insurance


Social Security




Home, Auto, Disability & Liability Insurance


Mortgage and Consumer Loans


Credit Reporting


Estate Planning

Identity Theft & Cyber Security


Organization & Safeguarding of Personal & Financial Documents



Our assistance does not take the place of professionals in the tax, legal or insurance fields, more accurately our work complements their efforts.

How do we get started?

Call or email us to schedule a meeting without obligation to discuss formulating a financial plan that best suits your  needs. Deciding to work with a Grande Planning is an important decision. We would be happy to answer any additional questions. 


Please contact us at 732-221-7732 or send email to

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