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                                                     What is a Daily Money Manager?

Daily Money Managers are financial organizers who provide assistance to their clients to manage their personal and business financial affairs. The mission of Grande Planning is to provide daily money management services in a fiduciary manner (acting in your best interest) and reducing the administrative burden of handling your finances.

Visualize the following three scenarios below:


1. You're in your golden years and have been married for decades. You've been together so long that you couldn't imagine life without each other.

Your spouse has suddenly passed away and chaos sprouts everywhere around you. Your spouse was your rock and everything changed in an instant. Even worse, your spouse's responsibilities are now your responsibilities.


Your family helps keep you emotionally and mentally stable and your friends always lend a sympathetic ear but your daily finances are out of control.

Your spouse took care of all of the finances and you don't even know where to locate the checkbook or determine your family budget.

Who's going to manage your daily money needs and coordinate your financial future?


2. You're a middle aged single parent and still have children in school along with all of their activities. Life is good, but frequent business travel is very stressful. When you're at home, you want nothing more than to spend it with your family but you're overextended and overwhelmed.

One day it's performing maintenance on the house. The next day it's nurturing your career and then it's that long awaited get together with your close friends.

With all of this activity, you forget to pay the credit card bill … again. The balances on those late fees and finance charges keep increasing as is the realization that things just aren't the way you want them.

3. Perhaps you're a small business owner operating a landscaping company in Florida where the growing season never ends. You begin your day early in the morning with good intentions to escape the blazing afternoon heat but you end up working until sunset due to requests from new and existing customers.


You are dehydrated and exhausted and looking forward to recovering in your air conditioned home. The last thing on your mind is paperwork although billing, banking and other administrative functions are critical to the survival of your business.


These scenarios happen to millions of people every year so how can you get/keep your financial ship sailing in the right direction again?  Reach out to Grande Planning for assistance!


This may not come as a surprise, but the American Psychological Association found that money was the biggest cause of stress by far in people's lives and this isn't just an American problem. An international Reader's Digest poll asked people in 16 countries what their biggest cause of stress was. The runaway answer? … Money.


As many as 7 percent of adults in the U.S. have difficulty managing their finances. That's approximately 6 million people who struggle with the day-to-day tasks of managing their financial lives. As finances become more complicated, finding time to focus on the daily tasks of managing money becomes more difficult. 


The overwhelming message: getting a better grasp of our daily money management could reduce overall stress levels, debt levels, late fees and improve financial position.

Not everyone is ready or able to manage the tasks of daily money management. 

Grande Planning allows for peace of mind. We are competent, experienced and dedicated to handle your daily financial matters in a detailed yet efficient manner so you can focus on the things that you enjoy.

Some of Who We Serve:

Seniors and older adults

Single parents

Busy professionals

Individuals with disabilities

Small businesses owners

Frequent travelers

Military personnel and veterans

Non-profit organizations

Professional athletes

                                                 What kind of assistance do we provide?

Grande Planning offers a broad range of services and the assistance that we provide depends upon your needs. The scope of work generally, but certainly not limited to, includes the following:

Business Billing and Collection

Bill Payment Services


Budgeting & Planning


Banking Oversight & Reconciliation


Organization & Maintenance of Financial & Personal Documents


Income Tax Readiness


Negotiations with Creditors


Review of Product & Service Contracts


Analysis of Insurance Policies


Credit Report Consulting

Mortgage & Loan Review


Identity Theft & Cyber Security Consulting


Our assistance does not take the place of professionals in the tax, legal or insurance fields. Our work complements their efforts by managing day-to-day activities. For example, we organize and maintain accurate financial records and prepare the necessary documents for your accountant so your tax return can be completed timely.

Will I be giving up my independence?

While we assist with your money management and finances, you are involved in all decision making. Grande Planning allows you to focus on important things like your family, career or hobbies with peace of mind knowing that your finances are properly and professionally managed enabling you to maintain your independence. 


Grande Planning provides professional review of important, time sensitive documents, helping to avoid late fees and interest charges. Financial oversight can diminish the need for family involvement although we strongly encourage communication with family members to ensure transparency.

How can I trust someone I don’t know to handle my financial affairs?

We have been involved in confidential and classified personal, financial and security matters for 20 years.

How do I know that Grande Planning will work well with my family or business ?

The Grande Planning process includes a session without obligation so all parties can assess whether the relationship will be a good fit.

What is the best way to communicate with my Daily Money Manager?

You will have our cell phone number for emergency service.  Ideally, email is the preferred to communicate instructions or request information.

When you are paying my bills, how does it work?

We can pay bills in the convenience of your home or office, have your bills redirected to our post office box or set up an automated bill pay process.  We will notify your creditors of the change.  We just want to ensure they are paid by the due date.  If you want to review your bills prior to payment simply inform us and we will review all bills with you for approval prior to payment.

 How much time do I need to spend with a Daily Money Manager?

Initially, you may spend approximately an hour discussing how you want to work with us. Depending upon your need for either a time sensitive project or an on-going service relationship, then we can customize a schedule that respects your time and ensures that we exceed your expectations.

Will your service impact my credit rating?

Many of our clients find that their credit scores increase after they start using our services due to the fact that  payments are consistently received on time.

Do you help with budget planning?

Absolutely. Adhering to a budget is a fundamental element in daily money management. Based upon your historical data we will formulate a budget. 

Can I get an Annual Spending Report?

Yes, we can provide a report that shows income and expense by month and year. This is a very useful tool in adhering to a budget.

Can you work with my Accountant?

We will provide the necessary information needed for planning and preparation of your income tax return.  

What will a Daily Money Manager cost?

Grande Planning provides services on an hourly basis or a flat monthly fee. Our rates vary based upon the scope of work. In addition, Grande Planning charges for expenses such as travel time, postal costs or other purchases made on the client’s behalf.

     How do we get started?

Call or email us to schedule a meeting without obligation to discuss the type of services that best meet your personal needs. Deciding to work with a Grande Planning Daily Money Manager is an important decision.


Please contact us at 732-221-7732 or send email to


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